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Inner Goddess

A goddess of love, hope, or prosperity ... you decide.

Come alone and join the group or bring your friends and play in the Mudd with Cathy to create your own Inner Goddess.

This workshop is designed to create your own goddess, it can be a goddess of love, hope, or prosperity you decide.

We will then talk about the goddess we have chosen or still deciding on. After settling in we will get in touch with the clay by finding our centre – stillness within.

Cathy will guide us through a lovely visualisation, while feeling the clay we prepare our mind and body to create. Watch the magic happen!

Kookaburras & Frogmouths

A Fried Mudd Classic

This is a workshop solely designed for you to make a frogmouth or a kookaburra. Watch the creative process in a video you'll found here.

Once fired they can be placed on a deck, tree or simply display them on a log made in clay!

Price is all inclusive of 6kg of clay, bisque firing, glazing and Raku firing costs.

Frogs on a Bucket

Come with a friend and create Fried Mudd’s original mascot.

Here is a workshop where you can make the loveable, native Maleny green tree frogs. In this workshop we will make a leaf, bucket or tap for you to attach to your frogs, its endless what you can make … it’s up to you.

Price is all inclusive of 6kg of clay and both bisque and raku firing costs.

Bathing Beauties

Your alter ego

This is almost a sculpture class in its own right! In this workshop you will create your own Bathing Beauty. I will guide you through step by step how to create the form. No experience is necessary, just a smile! 

Price includes clay, bisque firing and glazing.

Magpies and Currawongs

Birds of a Feather

Magpies are one of my favourite birds in the real world and were always in abundance in North Maleny. Still prevalent here in Noosa, they share the skies with the vocal Currawongs, so it seems appropriate to add them to the mix.

Attendees will create their bird in the morning and apply under glaze after lunch.


Try Your Hand

Have you allowed yourself to be creative lately?

This is two hours of hand building creativity. It’s about learning the basic techniques and creating something in a small amount of time, particularly designed for the time poor. It gives you the opportunity to make that one piece or a few small pieces, such as an egg holder, plates & mugs or handmade tea pot, miniature guinea fowls or hens – there will be a different theme each time it runs.

If you only have a few hours and don’t mind getting a little muddy, then this workshop is for you. Especially designed for beginners who want to explore their creative side – but be warned – it’s addictive.

Mudpies for Children

School holiday creativity

Young artists can experiment with a variety of creation methods while they learn to think about their ideas. There is something magical about children when they immerse themselves into creativity.

Once a child learns to express and execute their personal visions in clay, they can become empowered in ways that go beyond the walls of the studio or classroom. They'll have fun stimulating the imagination and learning a range of hand building techniques.

MOOlaney Cows

You can take the girl out of Maleny ...

Cows have been an icon for Maleny for as long as I can remember. I was brought up on a dairy farm just outside of Maleny and my parents sold cream to the local dairy co-operative for many years. Cows have always played a big part of my childhood and they bring back many fond memories.

They are fun animals with big hearts. In this workshop you will make a MOOlaney cow for you to add your own touch of character - and fall in love with them too!

Hens Day Out

Bring a girlfriend or come along and make new friends.

This fun filled workshop will be focused on creating a hen, guinea fowl.

You will be guided step by step through the process of making a hen or guinea fowl from start to finish. If you have ever wanted to make your own “hens on a ladder” or a hen to sit on your shelf, this is the workshop for you.

Guinea Fowl and Bush Turkey Minis

Studio Wine Down

This workshop is all about having a bit of fun making a few, small guinea fowls and bush turkeys and contemplating the various drinks and nibbles on offer. An afternoon workshop, typically running from 2:00 til 4:00. Dinner at one of our local crafty breweries afterwards, is an attractive option 😁

Sculpture Workshop

A two day weekend workshop

The sculpture workshop is a class that goes beyond what is possible in a single day. The additional time will permit additional focus on the finer details of the head and face and hands and feet. It is not intended to be a beginners workshop and as such, we will require at least one previous attendance to a Bathing Beauties, Inner Goddess or Fat Ladies workshop

Open Day

Clay. Play. Create.

At last! A workshop where you can make whatever you want to make (within reason and half a block of clay).

Cathy will, of course be on hand to facilitate the workshop and provide guidance where possible, but it will be mostly an opportunity for self-expression and experimentation. This workshop has been often requested, and likely to be popular!

Hares in Clay

New in 2024

I have been making these delightful characters for the Peace of Green Gallery for quite a while and recently posted them on Instagram. This prompted a number of requests to run a Hare Workshop. Well here it is!

In this workshop you will be shown how to create your very own clay Hare, using slabs and coils. Once formed, we will apply oxides and dry glazes to complete your piece.

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