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Most items you'll see in the shop are made to order. If we have stock of a particular item, we'll send you some photos of what we have - and, if you like what you see, we'll ship them out. More likely, is that we will make-to-order what's in your cart.

Three weeks is the usual time from creation to ready-to-ship, most of which is drying time and firing, however we don't fire the kiln everyday (every week, at best), so the overall duration could be longer. And then there's postage.

Of course, pick-up is preferred over postage - Australia Post are good, but not perfect. We offer both Noosaville and Maleny as pick-up locations - both beautiful places to visit and to make an adventure out of ...

If you select postage of your delivery option, you will learn the we tend to over-package everything we send out, and whilst this might make the postage a little more expensive, it will arrive will all beaks and legs intact ...

Naturally, if you want something that you don't see here - just contact us and we'll  see what we can come up with.




Long Necked Duck

This beautiful creature is like a Muscovy duck, with a longer neck than the ducks we see on our local waterways. I do these in a variety of finishes, including Raku and coloured underglazes.

ADD TO BAG CHECKOUT Price: $120.00

Frogmouth Pair

A Pair of Tawny Frogmouths

A Raku fired pair of Tawny Frogmouths (a cock and hen), mounted on a log or branch. Frogmouths mate for life and these delightful creatures really look like they mean it.

ADD TO BAG CHECKOUT Price: $400.00

Guinea Fowl

These delightful little creatures look fabulous inside or out!

The Fried Mudd guinea fowl is thrown on the wheel, then hand-crafted in to the required shape. They are typically about 15cm tall but we've been known to make much taller (and smaller) ones.

Let us know your preference



A Fried Mudd Classic

These delightful little fellows are created in my studio in Noosaville. I simply love kookaburras – their laughter in the morning reminds me to be grateful that I live in such a beautiful region.

This life-like sculpture is Raku fired for its uniqueness.

ADD TO BAG CHECKOUT Price: $180.00


Magpies of Murer Drive 🐦‍⬛

These playful little creatures always make me smile (although not so much in September). They are so cheeky and so Australian!

Mid fired, with steel legs and an acrylic finish. They are certainly suitable for outdoors, so you can put them on a fence or in a tree. 😁

ADD TO BAG CHECKOUT Price: $145.00
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