Kookaburra Time Lapse

This is a sped-up version of our "The Kookaburra" video. The original version (which is available here) runs for 44-ish minutes, so this is a nice teaser.

The Kookaburra

This video demonstrates the making of a kookaburra, using a variety of hand-building techniques. It is being used as the pre-workshop video for the Online Workshop: the Kookaburra. You can watch the time lapse version here.

Goddess Time Lapse

How to make a goddess in record time!

The Goddess

This video demonstrates the hand-building of a Goddess sculpture. In the face-to-face workshops, participants make a a wide variety pieces, symbolic of their own personal Goddess. This is just an example of what can be made.

The Guinea Fowl

The Guinea Fowl time lapse.

This video shows how to create a Guinea Fowl on the Potter's wheel plus applying underglaze. Enjoy!

Gardening on the Edge

Channel 7 came to the Fried Mudd studio in Maleny to film a segment for Gardening on the Edge.

Steve Jacobs from Channel 9

Weekend_Today_Australia_logoSteve Jacobs from Channel Nine’s Weekend Today show took a pottery class at Cathy Lawley’s Fried Mudd Studio and Gallery in Maleny.

Liz Cantor from the Great South East

Liz Cantor from Channel 7′s Great South East spent a day at the Fried Mudd studio in a Shades of Clay workshop.

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