I spent a day playing in the French clay with Coco and Martha and Charlotte, nieces of the lady who owns the old farmhouse in Vers.

IMG_8271 IMG_8282

The children didn’t speak English, I found clay has a language of its own – we managed to get by!

Unknown                     Left Vers in the South of France and drove 600km through some of the most spectacular countryside and villages tucked in the mountain side – heading west through the French Alps making our way to Paris. Stopping at Rocomadour for coffee, what a stunning place.

IMG_8289  Unknown-1

After Rocomadour we traveled through more beautiful farmland before staying the night in city centre of Limoges.

Next day was another 600km mostly highway drive, before approaching the magnificent town of Dinan the first glimpse of Dinan is the harbor and old bridge, what a beautiful place we wandered around the town beautiful old tutor style buildings – Christmas decorations are starting to fill the quaint shops…

IMG_8554 IMG_8564 IMG_8595IMG_8621

The next destination is Le Mont Saint-Michel, we arrived around 7.30pm.

Found accommodation only 1km from Le Mont Saint-Michel, where we walked and explored that night OMG amazing!!!






There was always something interesting to discover – quiet villages, stunning scenery, historical buildings lost in the countryside…

We have had a great time discovering the ‘real’ France.


Our final destination Paris!


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