Fun in the Mud workshop at Care centre Flaxton

Volunteering to run a workshop with the elderly and the disabled was such a blessing.

It shows that clay can be as much fun for children as the elderly and the disabled.  They had a great time creating small pinch pots and animals,even after the workshop was over most of the participants stayed on, it was truly great to see the child within playing for a short time..

Italian Tour coming soon!

Tuscany goddess

Tuscany goddess

With only weeks to go the excitement of the Tuscany tour is approaching.  Eleven lady’s mostly from the Sunshine coast area are preparing packing and counting down the sleeps till we arrive.  Some of us are meeting in Paris before the tour while others are going to Ireland and England first then meeting the group in Pisa.

Although she is not finished yet I started to make a goddess of Tuscany, thats one of the many workshops we will be having while we are in Tuscany at  La Meridana School of Ceramics.


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