Special Mother’s Day workshop

Last weekend I had a very talented group of Mothers, some treated themselves others came from a gift from their daughters. It was lovely to share the space with such an appreciated bunch of women.

IMG_4921Sharon came with her daughter and also her Mum three generations all sharing the experience that will last a lifetime. The workshop flowed beautifully as we all became still and in-touch with our creativity some amazing sculptures emerged from a block of clay, chipped away until it revealed it’s self, it is what comes from within through the hands into the clay..

The Birth of Venus

Two days of creating in clay ‘The Birth of Venus’ Botticelli’s most famous painting, I wanted to create a piece of Italy to mark the beginning of my Italian sculpture tour. 3 weeks later fired and ready to go I drove to the Gold Coast to visit a teacher and friend Ursula Kelly.

We mixed paints, laughed, drank wine and painted The Birth of Venus sculpture, she nows takes pride of place in my studio IMG_4587

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