Workshop Ideas

This is an ideas page. These workshops are not currently scheduled, however they do make an appearance in the Workshop Calendar from time to time.

Planning a private function, perhaps? You might find inspiration below ...

Inner Goddess

A goddess of love, hope, or prosperity ... you decide.

Come alone and join the group or bring your friends and play in the Mudd with Cathy to create your own Inner Goddess.

This workshop is designed to create your own goddess, it can be a goddess of love, hope, or prosperity you decide.

We will then talk about the goddess we have chosen or still deciding on. After settling in we will get in touch with the clay by finding our centre – stillness within.

Cathy will guide us through a lovely visualisation, while feeling the clay we prepare our mind and body to create. Watch the magic happen!

Kookaburras & Frogmouths

A Fried Mudd Classic

This is a workshop solely designed for you to make a frogmouth or a kookaburra. Watch the creative process in a video you'll found here.

Once fired they can be placed on a deck, tree or simply display them on a log made in clay!

Price is all inclusive of 6kg of clay, bisque firing, glazing and Raku firing costs.

Frogs on a Bucket

Come with a friend and create Fried Mudd’s original mascot.

Here is a workshop where you can make the loveable, native Maleny green tree frogs. In this workshop we will make a leaf, bucket or tap for you to attach to your frogs, its endless what you can make … it’s up to you.

Price is all inclusive of 6kg of clay and both bisque and raku firing costs.

Gift Vouchers

If you think someone you know might like to come along to one of these workshops, you can buy them a Gift Voucher! They can use the voucher towards any workshop in the Calendar, Private Workshops or in the Noosaville Gallery.

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