There are many different types of clay. Almost as many as the different types of milk! The clay mostly used in the workshops is Fenneys Clay from West Ipswich, Queensland, along with Walker Ceramics. The Walker name has been synonymous with ceramics in Victoria, Australia for over one hundred years.
Here are some of the different types of clay we use:
Stoneware clay: manly used for domestic dinnerware use.

Porcelain clay: used in fine china. This is a beautiful clay body with strong resilience.

Terracotta clay: used for the traditional tiles and terracotta pots.

Earthen ware: is a mid range fired clay mainly used for decorated pieces and tiles.

Raku Clay: Strong bodied clay used mainly for sculpture pieces, medium range fired. Used in raku firings.

Raku with sand, White Raku, Red Raku, Raku with trachyte

Bentonite Clay: or French Green Clay will be introduced during the workshops. This clay has many powerful health benefits as well. It cleans and dehydrates the skin, and absorbers excess oil and toxins from the skin. It is the clay used in the beauty industry for face and body masks, and can also be made into a paste to heal wounds, reduce swelling and fever. For these reasons, working with this clay has many benefits beyond the creativity aspect.

‘Dig out of the Ground’ clay: I started experimenting with this type of mud from the banks of my parent’s property when I was 5.