Hi Paula,

Here’s the info on the workshop!ย  So glad you can make it.

This is just a courtesy reminder that we are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday the 8th for the Goddess workshop. Now is the time to start thinking about what you’d like to make, remembering that it shouldn’t be elaborate or complicated but simple and symbolic of your Inner Goddess – it can be a goddess of love, hope, or prosperity.

If you already have something in mind, print the image out on a piece of paper to bring with you (working off your phone is so hard!). We have plastic sleeves that you can protect it from clay hands ๐Ÿ˜€ and can print it for you, if you email it in advance.

Start Time: 9.30am.

Finish Time: 3:00pm.

Address: 56 Nadi Lane North Maleny, just 3km from the township.

What to Bring

  • Lunch – normally we ask participants to bring a plate to share, however, for this workshop, that is completely optional.
  • Notepad if you want to take notes throughout the day
  • Comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Clay, if you have your own or cash for clay (at $10 for half a block)
  • Cash for firing (usually between $10-$20 – depends on what is made)
  • Pottery tools (if you have your own)

Collection of Fired Pieces

It takes approximately 3 weeks for your creation to thoroughly dry ready for firing. Once fired we offer a few ways for you to receive your clay creations:

  • Collect from Peace of Green Gallery in Maleny’s main street, if firing already paid (preferred).
  • Collect from the Fried Mudd Studio – prior appointment is essential.

You will receive an email once your pieces are ready for collection and work MUST be collected within 30 days of firing. No responsibility it taken for storing work after this 30 day period, as we simply don’t have the room.


Attendees are reminded of their acceptance of the published Terms and Conditions and Cancellations Policy.

If you any questions please contact me via [cathy-email] or simply reply to this email.

Looking forward to seeing you on [workshop-day].