Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be used for any workshop. If their value is less than the cost of the Workshop being booked, the balance will be taken to PayPal for payment. If their value is equal or greater than the cost of the Workshop being booked, the excess will be put towards firings and clay.

Liability Waiver

Attendance at a Fried Mudd workshop implies the acceptance of our liability waiver. Under no circumstances will Fried Mudd be held responsible for any adverse events occurring whilst on the property.

Duty of Care

If any workshop attendee falls ill or injures themselves whilst on the property, we reserve the right to call an ambulance or otherwise seek medical assistance, without the risk of subsequent repercussions.

Special Considerations for Mudpies Workshops

The staff at the Fried Mudd Workshops are not trained and are therefore ill-equipped to manage children with special needs. The definition of the term “special needs” is very broad and covers a wide range of physical and mental challenges. To us, however, it simply means a child that requires more than “average” attention, supervision and care than would be reasonable to consider typical.

For obvious reasons, we are keen to minimise any individual behaviours that deprive other students the opportunity to develop their pottery skills and share equally in the guidance being provided.

If it is possible that your child might fall in to this category and would like to book them in to a Mudpies workshop, please send an email to, providing some detail about their situation, so that it can be discussed, before you book in to the Workshop. Please note that, while it is not customary for a parent or guardian to be present during a Mudpies Workshop (indeed, it is discouraged), in this situation, parental presence is mandatory and non-negotiable.

Parental Responsibility

It is a condition of booking in to a Mudpies Workshop that the responsible parent or guardian must remain contactable and within reasonable reach for the duration of the workshop. If you child becomes ill or anxious, we need to be able to reach you quickly.

Food Intolerances and or Allergies

Workshop attendees must advise via email, any food intolerances or allergies they may have, one week prior to workshop. Fried Mudd will always endeavour to cater to these needs, however, this is not always possible.